5 things to love about Alden

    Alden Richards

    When you hear the name Alden Richards, his bedimpled cheeks, natural charm, and talents easily come to mind.

    Aside from these, there are a host of other reasons why the “Asia’s Multimedia Star” remains on top of his game as an actor, celebrity endorser, host, chart-topping recording artist, box office star, and yes, even a successful businessman.

    Below, we list just some of the other qualities that have made Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr. deserving of his many accolades.

    He has remained humble in spite of his achievements

    Skills can be taught, attitude can’t. In showbiz, there are only a handful who not only have the proper skills but also the outstanding attitude that can make or break a career. Alden Richards is one of the few with an impressive talent and the winning personality to match.

    He knows how to give back.

    He has always lent a helping hand. He is a blood donor. During calamities, he is at the forefront, even personally joining relief operations. He also values education and has given out scholarships. He once shared that he had two college scholars who were graduating, an accountant and an engineer. In a report, it was also mentioned that he was interested in building a school for Aetas in Tarlac.

    He loves his mom.

    In almost all his interviews, he never fails to mention his mom – his inspiration for entering showbiz. His success has been bittersweet, because of how acute the pain is that his mom is no longer with him while he savors the achievements she dreamt for him.

    The “Pambansang Bae” is the whole package.

    Alden is a gentleman who never fails to win over his co-workers. In his concert, “Alden’s Reality,” director Paolo Valenciano said that he was impressed with Alden’s dedication and talent. Even those who were behind the scenes were all praises for the star. On films sets and TV shows, he is popular not only with his co-stars but also with the crew for his generosity and his being considerate.

    He is tenacious.

    Few know that he almost thought of giving up his showbiz dream. Though his early years in the industry were tough, he refused to lose sight of how he started 10 years ago and instead made his struggles the driving force behind his success. he has always exhibited unmatched grace and grit to keep himself humble in the highs and remain steadfast on trying times like these. It’s really no wonder that he is one of the few actors whose career continues to soar in spite of the pandemic.

    To celebrate a decade of breakthroughs in his career and to pay tribute to his fans’ unwavering love and support, Alden banners the country’ s first ever virtual reality concert, “Alden’s Reality,” happening this December 8. During the show, he is set to debut his latest single during his highly-anticipated concert. The song is titled “Goin’ Crazy” and is a collaboration between Alden, GMA Music, and FlipMusic Productions. It was composed by Pow Chavez and was arranged by Rap Sanchez. It was also produced by Pow and Rap, with Kedy Sanchez as supervising producer.