20th Miss Earth commences on September 21


    THE 20th edition of the advocacy-driven Miss Earth will finally commence on digital space on September 21 and will proceed with a long schedule that will run for more than two months, leading to the coronation on November 29.

    To address the issue on global time zones for the virtual competitions, the delegates will be divided into four main continental groups, namely, Asia & Oceania, Africa, Americas, and Europe. Each continental grouping will then be subdivided into several batches who will undergo the online competitions: Earth Talk, Talent, Beach Wear, Evening Gown, Sports Wear, National Costume, and Interview with Netizens.

    The pageant will be held for the first time in a virtual coronation night on November 29 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s theme, “Eco Angels,” is to emphasize the delegates’ roles as guardians of nature and lifestyle innovators in the new normal during the global health crisis.

    Forty delegates, about half of the traditional number of international contestants each year, are listed for this year’s pageant in digital space. The small number of contestants – two short of the inaugural pageant’s number of entries in 2001, in fact! – is due to several withdrawals for different reasons and the current state of strict health protocols in many countries.

    The international delegates are:

    Estrella Danieri, 20, Argentina; Brittany Dickson, 26, Australia; Mariia Rezniuk, 24, Belarus; Kimbery Bosman, 22, Belgium; Valentina Pérez Medina, 22, Bolivia; Amina Hasanbegović, 23, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Seneo Perry, 24, Botswana; Thaís Bergamini, Brazil; Kelly Avila Mora, 26, Costa Rica; Elizabeth Sviridenko, 28, Crimea; Jessica Polanco, 25, Dominican Republic; Emilia Lepomäki, 22, Finland; Léa Llorens, 26, France; Niki Alexandridou, 23, Greece; Cintiana Harry, 27, Guyana; Andrea Nuñez, 25, Honduras; Tanvi Kharote, 22, India; Safira Ramadhanti Rumimper, 22, Indonesia; Hannah Giacchino, 27, Malta; Graciella Ballesteros, 26, Mexico; Ana Miljanic, 24, Montenegro; Amara Shune Lei, 23, Myanmar; Tessa le Conge, 26, Netherlands; Charlise Hammond, 18, New Zealand; Gwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze, 22, Nigeria; Arooj Bokhari, 24, Pakistan; Anayansi De Gracia, 20, Panama; Kelly Dávila; 21, Peru; Roxanne Allison Baeyens, 23, Philippines; Sabina Półtawska, 21, Poland; Ivanna Rohashko, 24, Portugal; Krystal Badillo, 24, Puerto Rico; Jana Radulovic; 20, Serbia; Christina Cai, 21, Singapore; Lungo Katete, 23, South Africa; Gabriella Lomm Mann; 25; Sweden; Lindsey Coffey, 28, USA; Isabella Bennett, 25, US Virgin Islands; Stephany Zreik, 24, Venezuela; and Muka Mimi Hamoonga, 23, Zambia.

    Miss Earth is, so far, the only one of the so-called Big League Pageants (that also include Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International) to proceed this year with their search for the next titleholder who will succeed last year’s winner Nellys Pimentel from Puerto Rico.

    The Philippines will be represented by Baguio City’s Roxanne Baeyens who was selected in a virtual pageant last July 5. Miss Philippines Earth is the first major national beauty tilt to proceed with their search in spite of the ongoing pandemic.

    Meanwhile, in related fronts, Miss International has cancelled its pageant this year and has moved the 60th finals in October 2021 to be held in Yokohama, Japan, right after the Tokyo Olympics.

    The Miss World Organization has announced last July 29 that their 70th finals will be held sometime next year.

    Miss Universe, on the other hand, has yet to announce whether it will proceed with its 69th finals this year or at a later date.