Wawa completion pushed back


    Prime Metro BMD Corp. (PrimeBMD) said the completion of the initial phase of Wawa Bulk water supply project in Rizal Province could be delayed if it cannot complete concreting of the critical structure of the dam before the rainy season.

    Jeff Gallus, PrimeBMD director for operations, in a virtual briefing last week said the company has revised its timeline of completion for the project.

    Gallus said construction has to achieve a certain height of the roller compacted concrete weir before the next wet season.

    The company had encountered problems in securing permits but these had been settled.
    Jocot de Dios, PrimeBMD chief executive officer, said monitoring of the compliance to issued clearances continues.

    Based on its original timeline, the project is expected to deliver 80 million liters per day (MLD) of water this year and over 500 MLD by 2025.

    De Dios said the project is one part of the solution to ensure water security but that the company is “looking at other potential projects that the government would want to implement over the next few years.” – Jed Macapagal