Vivant earmarks P2B for expansion


    Publicly listed Cebuano company Vivant Corporation maintains an optimistic outlook despite the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on its businesses and announces plans to invest further in energy and water infrastructure, including bulk water supply and wastewater treatment.

    “2019 was our most successful year so far,” Vivant Corporation President Arlo A.G. Sarmiento said during the virtual Annual Stockholders’ Meeting held recently.

    In 2019, Vivant Corporation reported a net income attributable to parent of P2.34 billion, a 35-percent increase over 2018’s P1.73 billion. Vivant’s income is driven mainly by its power generation business.

    Andre Garcia, Vivant Energy EVP and COO Emil announced plans to invest over P2 billion in renewable and energy storage technologies, as well as in the hybridization of existing power plants.

    “We plan to look into new technologies and improvements intoexisting technologies that would help us grow our presence in the industry while promoting more sustainable energy,” said Garcia.

    “Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, we are well-situated to carry on and thrive by adapting and future-proofing our investments in power. To continue supporting Vivant’s mission of bringing excellence to industries that improve everyday living, Vivant Energy will continue to grow its position in the power industry so Vivant can endeavor to enter into new waters,” he added.

    Vivant Energy is the holding arm of power-related investments of publicly listed Vivant Corporation. With Vivant Energy focusing on growing the power business, Vivant Corporation has been active in looking for opportunities in water-related industries.

    Jess Anthony Garcia, SVP for Business Development for Infrastructure, said that Vivant is looking at providing water supply solutions, particularly in water-parched Cebu, but also in other key areas in the country.

    “We are looking at different aspects of the water industry value chain. We intend to address the water problems in Cebu and other key areas in the country by looking at opportunities for bulk water supply, water distribution, waste water treatment, and water engineering and solutions,” he said.

    Vivant wholly owned subsidiary Vivant Hydrocore Holdings Inc. has partnered with Israeli company Watermatic International to develop solutions for bulk water supply and water treatment for industry and agriculture. One of the projects that the group is developing with partners is a wastewater treatment facility in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

    Vivant Chairman and CEO Ramontito E. Garcia said that while the group is not the biggest player in the energy sector and is new to water, its track record as a trustworthy and reliable partner precedes it in whatever industry it chooses to venture into.

    “Our partners and communities know that we keep our word. This is why time and time again, they come back to us with new projects, new opportunities,” he said.“While we pride ourselves as a future-facing company, our integrity is built on values cemented in our history, where promises are kept. We reject the notion that you have to sacrifice honor in the name of profit.