Villar Group jumps into delivery service with Get All


    The Villar Group is now into delivery service.

    Dubbed “Get All,” its online delivery service caters to on-demand delivery, vehicle rentals, shuttle, and shopper services in key cities inside and outside Metro Manila.

    “Get All is the company’s solution to the high demand for transport services that arose because of the limited movement brought about by quarantine restrictions. Get All aims to serve the market’s need for on-demand delivery, ranging from small items such as food and documents, to bigger items such as parcels and appliances,” the group said.

    “The brand started with accepting bookings through mobile and Viber to facilitate an early launch during the onset of community quarantine. Now that more businesses can operate and the economy has been reopened, Get All is finally launching its app both for customers and partner riders,” it added.

    Get All’s app launch came with a new name for the brand, previously known as Getmo. It currently offers parcel delivery, where customers can arrange delivery of items from small sizes such as documents, food, clothes and supplies, to bigger and bulkier items like appliances and raw materials.

    “Customers will be able to book a vehicle by selecting parcel delivery icon, putting in the pick-up and delivery details, selecting the vehicle type needed based on the items to be delivered – motorcycle, MPV 300, MPV 600, or light truck. As soon as a rider is matched to the order, customers will be able to monitor the status of the delivery through the app as well,” the group said.

    The Villar Group also said along with the launch of the customer app is the Rider app, where registered Get All riders accept delivery and track bookings as well as connect with customers.

    “Once a rider is logged in as available, he can see deliveries booked and select which order he wants to accept. Once accepted, rider can start the delivery and update status from pick up to drop off,” it said.