Tieup hastens 5G rollout


    NOW Corp. through ts telecom arm NOW Telecom Co. Inc. is ready to roll out fifth generation (5G) technology applications and solutions for enterprise and home broadband users in the Philippines.

    This follows the recent partnership of NOW with Korean telco giant SK Telecom which has expertise in developing 5G technologies and in building a 5G network in the Philippines.

    Mel Velarde, NOW Telecom chairman, said with SK Telecom’s global leadership in 5G, the company can leapfrog competition and hit the mobile gigabit ground running with almost zero trial and error.

    As a strategic partner, SK Telecom will also extend its new 5G based applications and solutions to provide enterprises and home broadband users in the Philippines with game-changing and unparalleled experience.

    The agreement signed by NOW Corp, Now Telecom and SK Telecom includes critical areas of collaboration and development for 5G in the Philippines: Technical Roadmap Planning – Network Conceptualization and Design – 5G Core network training – establishment of 5G stand-alone (SA) network commercial infrastructure– In-building Solutions and 5G B2B (business to business) service development.

    NOW Telecom is a grantee of a 25-year congressional franchise to carry on the business of providing telecommunications services throughout the Philippines and other countries and territories, including outer space. It is likewise a grantee of an Authority to install, operate and maintain cellular mobile telephony system (CMTS) from the National Telecommunications Commission.