Technology for higher farmer incomes


    Food manufacturers are thinking of harnessing technology in generating real-time information on supply, demand and prices of food staples.

    The Philippine Chamber of Agriculture and Food Inc. (PCAFI) is urging the government to facilitate the creation of a mobile app to provide those information.

    Danilo Fausto, PCAFI president, said this will eliminate middlemen
    and in turn will help increase the income of farmers and fisherfolk.

    “The DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) and DOST (Department of Science and Technology) (can) develop an app for market access and farming precision. It will remove traders in between for producers to have better prices… (The) app can also provide import and export data,” Fausto said.

    He said the government can fund its creation to set up an information data system in all public markets in the country but will be operated by PCAFI and the private sector.

    Fausto added this will also help farmers to increase their purchasing power which in turn will help several products to be sufficiently produced for value adding.

    “You need to develop first the community and let them produce the products with a more precision and more efficient production and increase the purchasing power of the community. By then, when you already have an excess production, you can already export domestically or abroad but not immediately export since you also want to develop the community as well,’’ he said.

    Last week, the Department of Agriculture identified among its focus projects this year the comprehensive review and audit of the list of farmer and fisher beneficiaries to ensure the sustainability and increase the beneficial impact of its programs and projects.

    The agency also announced it will develop a web-based information support system to provide more efficient sourcing of timely agri-fishery information and data to aid in better policy decision making.