Tech-driven farming for youth proposed

    Tech farming includes digitalization. (Photo from OpenPR)

    Technological transformation in agriculture may persuade the youth to take interest and engage in the sector, according to the Department of Agriculture (DA).

    DA Secretary Dar at a model urban farm in Manila. (Photo from DA-ATI)

    “Today, the average age of our farmers ranges from 57 to 60 years, meaning it will be only a matter of time before they retire and thereafter, we see a decline in the 10 million farmer-workforce that feeds our countrymen. Hence, engaging the youth is an imperative to sustain our progress towards a fully food-secure nation,” said DA Secretary William Dar.

    In a statement, Dar said the department will push for the implementation Agriculture 4.0 which aims to further intensify the adoption of available technologies such as hydroponics, genetic modification, blockchain, drones, powerful data analytics and nanotechnology to increase and sustain food productivity apart from the quality of produce and income of producers.

    Dar is hopeful the introduction of such innovations can entice the younger generation to venture into farming.

    “We wish to see young Filipino farmers and agripreneurs help Philippine agriculture shift from traditional farming into a modern, industrialized and competitive sector that employs innovative approaches and modern technologies,” he said.