Sumitomo opens 10K factory jobs


    Sumitomo Wiring Systems Ltd., a subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric, recently broke ground on its factory for high voltage wire harness products in the Philippines, a project that would generate 10,000 jobs.

    The factory is located in the Northluzon Aero Industrial Park in Binalonan, Pangasinan.
    The factory’s output will be exported to Japan and North America.

    The project is undertaken by Sumi North-Philippines Wiring Systems Corp., Sumitomo Wiring System’s 9th subsidiary in the Philippines.

    Takeshi Morikawa, and Masaru Yamamoto, president and vice president, respectively of Sumitomo North-Philippines.

    This brings to eight the number of players in wiring harness production in the country, a competitive hub for this product.

    One more investor from Japan is expected to join this group.

    The factory is the result of one of the 26 business agreements signed by the Philippines with Japan last year.

    The Philippines’ share in the global wiring harness market is at$80 billion, or 6.5 percent.