Stronger consumer protection in power industry pushed


    An advocacy group has called for stronger consumer protection in the power industry as Filipinos struggle to survive the pandemic.

    In a statement , urged government to allow substantial consumer representation in the Energy Regulatory Commission to make the power sector more “consumer-involved.”

    The group, which was launched last February 17, earlier expressed alarm over what it perceives as an energy crisis in the country which remains to have one of the highest electricity costs in Asia.

    Nic Satur, national coordinator for Kuryente.Org, said transparency and accessibility in the energy industry will help consumers be educated about a socially inclusive energy program.

    The group also urged government to develop a comprehensive roadmap for migration from coal to cleaner, more efficient, and much cheaper renewable energy sources.

    At the launch, Sherwin Gatchalian, chair of the Senate Committee on Energy, said consumer protection is ensured and competitive operation of the electricity industry is enhanced through the Senate Bill No. 173 or the Energy Advocate Act.

    Gatchalian said the Energy Advocate Act will give organizations a bigger voice in terms of rate setting and going into the approval of retail rates. It also creates the Energy Advocate Office under the Department of Justice which will become the representative of all end-users in energy sector matters.