SMC APOLOGIZES FOR ACCIDENT: Completion of Skyway extension pushed back

    2-month delay. From the original target of December, the completion of Skyway Extension is pushed back to February 2021.

    The completion of the P10-billion Skyway Extension project is pushed back to February 2021 from December this year following the accident at East Service Road in Cupang, Muntinlupa on Saturday, according to San Miguel Corp. (SMC).

    The accident was reported to have been caused by a crane that tipped over as it moved into position, which then hit a steel girder causing it to fall on six vehicles, resulting in one death and four injuries.

    SMC in a statement said after an initial assessment, this incident sets back the completion of the Skyway Extension project from the December 2020 deadline to the new target which is February 2021.

    Concession holder SMC issued an apology to the victims and assured them that the company would make sure all their needs would be taken care of, and more.

    Ramon Ang, SMC president and chief operating officer, in a statement issued an apology” to the victims and their families, as well as to our larger community in Muntinlupa.”

    Ang also vowed that the incident will be investigated thoroughly, and that SMC and its contractor EEI will make sure even stricter measures are in place at the project site.

    EEI in a separate statement said it will review immediately its safety and operating protocols.

    The company said it is contact with the families of the victims to extend assistance.

    Ang said SMC is working with authorities to determine the root cause of the incident.

    “We will find out where lapses occurred and do whatever is necessary to help make sure they don’t happen again,” he added.

    The project, which was started in late 2019, is also aimed at eliminating traffic buildup along South Luzon expressway heading to Alabang and the Alabang viaduct.

    The Skyway Extension will expand capacity by adding three lanes northbound and two lanes southbound. With motorists coming from Cavite, Laguna and Batangas able to bypass Alabang, the easing of traffic in Muntinlupa and along the Alabang-Zapote Road is also seen.