Smart taps RE solution for far-flung cell sites


    Smart Communications Inc. will roll out fuel cell sites nationwide in far-flung areas that are hard to access starting next quarter until the end of the year.

    The company said 92 sites are targeted to be equipped with the technology that utilizes methanol-based fuel cell solutions.

    Smart will tap a technology from Denmark-based renewable energy company SerEnergy for the solution that uses combined hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity, heat and water to produce electricity through an electrochemical reaction, instead of combustion.

    Smart said the methanol-powered fuel can also be combined with solar, wind and other renewable resources to present a sustainable, cost-effective eco-system.

    Smart assured the new technology will not produce particulate pollutants and emit less carbon dioxide than other technologies.

    “PLDT and Smart are active advocates of sustainable development. As we face daunting challenges on how to protect our environment and promote more equitable social development, Smart’s cutting-edge technologies can play a significant role in rallying the right socio-environmental mindset and driving a greater sense of responsibility to the planet,” said Al Panlilio, Smart president and chief executive officer and PLDT’s chief revenue officer, in a statement.

    The company also assured fuel cells’ capacity has no degradation, requires limited maintenance and can operate with low noise and vibration. – Jed Macapagal