Shakey’s gets plastic-neutral certificate


    Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc. said it has signed an agreement with Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx) for the certification of its plastic neutrality, making it the first food service company in the Philippines to pursue a third-party verification for a plastic offsetting initiative.

    PCEx is a non-profit organization that helps businesses offset their plastic footprint through its network of partners that recover, process, and recycle plastic waste. A third party then independently audits and verifies the businesses’ plastic footprints and their corresponding offsets, completing the plastic neutral certification process.

    Shakey’s celebrated its first year of being 100 percent “plastic neutral” earlier this year, following a push in 2019 to be plastic neutral by 2020, where it is able to recover an amount of plastic equivalent to what it uses.

    “The plastic neutral certification takes this initiative to the next level by engaging a thirdparty audit and verification which will follow a set of global standards for plastic neutrality,” Shakey’s said.

    Shakey’s has prohibited the use of plastic cups and straws in its workplace and has extended to its guests the opportunity to help the environment via an “Opt Out” tick box in its online delivery platforms.

    Shakey’s remaining plastic usage is offset by recovering and recycling an equivalent amount of plastic, allowing it to achieve a net zero plastic footprint.