Sentiment turns pessimistic


    Almost 9 in 10 Filipinos feel they have been negatively impacted by the new coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), citing job insecurity, reduced working hours and reduced pay, findings of the LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021 showed.

    This has likely led to a cautious economic outlook among Filipinos, with 3 in 4 believing the economic situation in the country has worsened.

    This is a reversal from results of previous surveys which showed the Philippines was one of the most optimistic markets in the Asia Pacific.

    This year’s study now finds the Philippines one of the countries with below-average confidence as Filipinos see fewer opportunities and more difficult barriers.

    The survey showed Filipinos still consider job security as their most desired opportunity in 2021 (53 percent). However, they have also started looking for new opportunities to help others within the community.

    For example, 51 percent looked to providing safety support items like sanitizer and masks to others within the community and 32 percent looked to help or mentor others to gain opportunities.

    As 88 percent of Filipinos have started working from home, more women, especially working mothers, struggle with their household responsibilities and careers than men.

    Close to half or 47 percent of working mothers say they now find it more challenging to balance their work and home duties and 42 percent saytheir duties at home are getting in the way of their career development.

    The survey covered 1,256 respondents from the Philippines and was done between January 26 and 31.