SCG revenues drop 13%


    Asean firm SCG reported a 13 percent decline in revenues in the region in the second quarter to $747 million.

    This accounts for 25 percent of SCG’s total revenue from sales for the same period and includes sales from both local operations in each Asean market and imports from the Thai operations.

    The company registered a revenue from sales of $3 billion, 12 percent lower from a year ago mainly from lower chemicals product prices and a drop of nine percent quarter-on-quarter due to decreases from all core businesses.

    SCG’s revenue from sales for the first half of 2020 dropped 9 percent year-on-year to $6 billion due to lower chemicals prices.

    Profit for the period declined 13 percent to $517 million) because of decreased chemicals margins during in the first quarter.

    For business continuity management, the company’s Packaging Business focuses on optimizing manufacturing procedures in Thailand and other ASEAN countries, namely Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia to streamline processes and introduce new standards. Packaging Business also works closely with clients throughout the supply chain to ensure reliable raw material sourcing and logistics management and enforce strict hygiene practices in delivering packaging solutions.

    SCG’s business continuity management for its Chemicals Business ensures maximum production capacity and emphasizes seizing business opportunities in a challenging market environment brought about by the pandemic.