Sales of cooking appliances rise


    Hanabishi Corp. has seen a surge in sales of ovens and other home appliances the past months as Filipinos cook and eat more at home.

    Jasper Ong, Hanabishi president, said in a statement consumption shift has been evident in the past months since the quarantine period started.

    Small households have also found a business in selling home-cooked meals.

    Ong said Hanabishi quickly put a system in place when the quarantine period began and set up an electronic commerce facility through its website.

    The company also provided customers the option to have their orders delivered or picked up at our warehouse.

    “When we learned that interest in baking products has increased, we knew that our baking equipment will be in demand so we made sure that they would be readily available through our website. The same thing goes for our cooking equipment when we noticed how Filipinos have started to bring the samgyupsal experience to their homes,” Ong said.

    According to Ong, cutting costs, securing liquidity, and adjusting production have helped Hanabishi maintain its operations during this period. “Conserving resources can help businesses last longer. Reinventing value chains must also be considered as the pandemic has greatly disrupted the supply chain of global trade. Businesses must learn to streamline their non-core assets and activities,” he said.

    Ong noted the need to have a recovery plan that should be able to address demand when consumer confidence returns while acknowledging there is no quick-fix solution to the challenges that businesses face today.

    Hanabishi sales have been growing 30 percent year-on-year.