Remote work growing


    The Philippines is one of the leading countries for growth in remote job postings in Asia-Pacific, according to a report released by employment online service Linkedin.

    The Philippines shares this stellar performance with Australia and New Zealand.

    The report said the top remote jobs in the Philippines are freelance writer, data encoder, accountant, data entry clerk, and technical support engineer.

    Linkedin insights said the new coronavirus disease 2019 has made remote work a sudden priority in Asia-Pacific, including the Philippines, where many organizations are still navigating the new demands and constraints on their work.

    Job postings and applications on LinkedIn across key markets in the region have seen an uptick.

    In the Philippines, the growth in share of applications for freelance writer stood at 3.65 times; data encoder, 3.24 times; accountant, 2.69 times; data entry clerk, 2.45 times and; technical support engineer, 2.2 times.

    Globally, the volume of job searches using the “remote” filter on LinkedIn has increased 60 percent since the start of March. In Asia-Pacific, applications for remote jobs are growing too, showing an increasing demand for remote work among jobseekers.

    Linkedin said the shift towards remote work presents new opportunities for talent professional and for employees to pick up new skills. Popular remote roles like IT administration and digital marketing.