Prospects bright for prepaid home internet


    Globe Telecom Inc. yesterday said its strategy to offer prepaid home internet services will help address the huge demand for home internet connectivity in the country.

    “We will continue making our fixed wireless network more robust in the succeeding years, for both prepaid segment and specific segments across the postpaid spectrum,” Martha Sazon, senior vice president and head of broadband business, said in a statement.

    “A digital nation takes root inside a connected home. This is why we aim to continuously transform Internet habituation in Filipino families – to upgrade home Internet experience and benefits from basic connectivity and entertainment to more sustainable ends like enablement opportunities through making it more accessible to more households,” she added.

    Speaking at a VIP forum at the recent AfricaCom 2019 in South Africa, Sazon discussed the business case of growing prepaid internet penetration in a developing society such as the Philippines where, similar to South Africa, the mid- to lower-income segments are predominant and prepaid as a payment option is most relevant.

    She said Globe’s broadband network strategy of pioneering prepaid home internet is one of the primary catalysts in the digital transformation of the Philippines.

    “We operate in a country that is small but highly social and connected. According to We Are Social’s PH Internet 2019 report, our internet usage is at 71 percent vs. the 57 percent global benchmark…and we are very active in social media at 71 percent vs. the global benchmark of 45 percent,” noted Sazon.

    Internet at home in the Philippines is commonly used for entertainment and life enablement. For instance, moms now go online for their home businesses like reselling products from ecommerce platforms such as Lazada, Sazon said.

    The youth, on the other hand, use the internet as a “life-hack” tool for acquiring skills such as learning to code, or even getting access to job opportunities, she added.

    Despite the big demand for home internet connectivity, a huge percentage of Filipino households have limited to no internet access.

    Only one out of five homes in the country are said to have internet access. Majority of the unconnected homes (19 million) belong to the lower socio-economic segments (C2DE). This is due to the lack of more affordable home internet packages in the market and limited in-home coverage.

    To address these issues, Globe introduced the Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi in 2017, the first home prepaid internet device in the country.

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