Prime Infra to put up biorefinery


    Prime Metroline Infrastructure Holdings Corp. (Prime Infra) is partnering with WasteFuel, a next-generation waste to fuels company, to transform landfill waste into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and with Netjets, the world’s largest private jet company, to explore putting up a biorefinery in Metro Manila.

    At full capacity, the biorefinery will convert one million tons of waste into 30 million gallons of SAF annually.

    Utilizing the most effective technologies available, WasteFuel will produce fuels that burn with at least an 80 percent reduction in carbon compared to fossil-fuel based aviation fuels.

    WasteFuels’ SAF has a carbon intensity (C.I.) of zero compared to an average CI of 41 for alternative SAFs and a baseline of 89.4 for non-renewable aviation fuel.

    Gillaume Lucci, president of Prime Infra said a biorefinery that will convert solid waste into SAF will make a big impact in reducing solid waste and ensuing environmental and health hazards, landfill emissions, and fossil fuel use.

    Lucci said such project will create jobs for the local community.

    Metro Manila generates around 10,000 tons of municipal solid waste per day.