PLDT ramps up customer support


    PLDT Inc. has ramped up its customer support services by adding digital solutions that will allow residential customers to conduct more transactions online amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    PLDT said it added an SMS channel and a digital assistant on the PLDT home Facebook messenger to strengthen its channels, as it handles the increasing online engagement and volume of calls it receives daily due to the new work-from-home and study-from-home arrangements in offices and schools.

    The interactions range from plan upgrades to repair and billing concerns.

    “Our PLDT home digital assistant serves about 250,000 customers per month across a variety of transactions – from product inquiries to requests for upgrades to repair requests.

    It is starting to become a preferred channel for some customers who opt to transact with us online instead of over the phone or at the store,” said Chiqui Abad, PLDT-Smart Communications Inc. vice president for consumer care.

    The PLDT home digital assistant provides both existing and new customers with options for various repair, billing and accounts self-service transactions.

    PLDT said customers turn to the digital assistant for general inquiries; follow-ups on new application, upgrade/downgrade of plans, relocation, repair, bill adjustment and disconnection; billing services; account services; and reporting of a problem on landline or

    internet connection.
    Customers have been responding positively to PLDT’s calls to go online.

    “More than 50 percent of our customer base are now enrolled in our Go Green program where they opt to receive a copy of their bill via email instead of a physical paper bill,” said Abad.

    Meanwhile, non-PLDT customers ask the digital assistant for help in applying for a PLDT Fibr Plan, checking on application status and other general inquiries, the telco said.