PLDT offers software solution for businesses’ digital switch


    PLDT Inc. yesterday has started offering a software solution that will help businesses manage their digital foray in the “new normal.”

    PLDT SD-WAN or Software-Defined Wide-Area Network technology is targeted to businesses including retailers, food chains, distributors and start-ups to better manage their operations.

    The telco said the solution provides reliability as it links up their remote workers, offices and branches with combined fiber and wireless connectivity. It is also fully managed and optimizes business applications – all these at affordable price points.

    “With PLDT SD-WAN, companies with multiple sites or branches can level up in managing their network connectivity easily with the service’s ‘intelligent’ business capabilities,” said Jovy Hernandez, PLDT senior vice president and head of Enterprise Business.

    This provides business owners a reliable solution to their digital requirements and an easier way of rolling out a wide area network for their branches. PLDT said these cloud-scaling capabilities are now a necessity for enterprises to adopt to the virtual way of doing businesses brought about by the pandemic.