PLDT, AF Payment upgrade fare system in public transpo


    The enterprise unit of PLDT Inc. has entered into a partnership with AF Payments Inc. (AFPI) to modernize the fare and tracking system for the public transport sector.

    With the partnership, AFPI, operator of the Beep card, will bundle its automatic fare collection system with PLDT Enterprise’s Smart Tracker solution that is powered by Vectras to provide a complete fleet management and fare collection solution to public transport operators.

    Public transport operators will now have the option to get fleet management and fare collection functionality from AFPI without the need to contract with multiple suppliers.

    “The Smart Tracker solution aims to simplify the management of fleets of public transport vehicles. With the service, public transport operators can choose to provide locator links which commuters can access in order to better manage their commute and travel time,” said Jojo Gendrano, PLDT Enterprise core business head.

    With the guidance of the Department of Transportation (DOTr), AFPI said it has been working with the public transport operators of train, jeepney and bus fleets, including the three light rail systems of Manila and the Edsa bus consortiums, to help make public transport more convenient by introducing modern fare collection based on contactless cards and QR codes.

    “We at PLDT Enterprise are confident that this strategic partnership will enable a more modernized transportation management and cashless payment system to benefit Filipino commuters. Bus companies can manage their operations better and the public will be assured of a simpler and safer way to commute with contactless payments,” said Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT president and head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise.

    Last October, the DOTr suspended the mandatory use of Beep cards in buses plying Edsa, Metro Manila’s main thoroughfare.