Pinoys choose PPPs towards eco recovery


    An overwhelming majority of Filipinos supports public – private partnership (PPP) as a means towards recovery from the pandemic, a survey conducted by Pulse Asia Research Inc.

    The survey commissioned by Stratbase Albert del Rosario Institute conducted between September 14 and 20 showed PPPs are favored in public utilities and social service projects at 79 percent to 93 percent and 79 percent to 91 percent in geographic areas and socio-economic classes, respectively.

    Key findings show respondents believe private investors can help address three issues: job creation (75 percent to 96 percent), expansion of livelihood opportunities (54 percent to 75 percent), and poverty alleviation (51 percent to 75 percent).

    Nine in 10 Filipinos believe private investors can help create jobs in the country.

    Sizeable majorities say private investors can assist in expanding livelihood opportunities (68 percent) and alleviating poverty (62 percent).

    Those in Class E (91 percent), vocational school graduates (91 percent), Metro Manilans (93 percent), and rural Mindanawons (94 percent) are also most inclined to believe so, results of the survey show.

    Job creation is the most often mentioned issue in almost every geographic area and socio-economic class (86 to 95 percent and 88 percent to 90 percent, respectively).