PH net speed needs to catch up


    The Philippines may be the world’s heaviest user of internet and social media but it cannot quite catch up with its peers in Asean in terms of speed.

    Mobile data internet service in the Philippines is cheaper, but is also, slower than in Thailand, according to the Digital 2020 report by social media analytics firm WeAreSocial.

    The Philippines has more internet users at 73 million, compared to Vietnam’s 68 million and Thailand’s  52 million.

    Comparing popular offers from market leaders in Asia Pacific for the months of July to September  2020,  Filipinos spent an average of $3.32 per month on calls, texts and mobile data – nearly 2.4 times more than Vietnam’s $1.4, but lower than Thailand’s $7.52.

    In terms of cost, the Philippines is still cheaper at  $0.24 for a 1 GB mobile data for prepaid versus Thailand’s $0.63. Vietnam and Thailand are benchmarks of good connectivity in the region.

    In term of mobile internet speed, the Philippine download speed stood 16.8 megabits per seconds as compared to compared to Vietnam at 25.6 mbps and Thailand at 59 mbps according WeAreSocial.

    The report said Filipinos spent an average of four hours and 15 minutes each day on social media, a 22-minute jump from the country’s Digital 2020 average of three hours and 53 minutes.

    This is double the global average for social media usage  which is two hours and 25 minutes.

    The Philippines also leads in daily time spent on the internet with 10 hours and 56 minutes. This represents an increase from Digital 2020’s average of 9 hours and 45 minutes and way above the  global average for internet usage which is six hours and 54 minutes.

    The report also noted Philippine e-commerce adoption jumped four percentage points in the current report to 80.2 percent from the previous 76 percent. This is the second consecutive year  the country’s figure was above the global average.  Last year’s global average was 74 percent and this year’s is 76.8 percent.