PH leads in internal mobility


    The Philippines is among the countries in the world with a high proportion of internal mobility (IM) where workers move or shift roles within the same organization.

    This indicates roles are filled internally as workers find opportunities within the same company.

    LinkedIn’s new Future of Recruiting report showed in 2020, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia and the Philippines saw higher IM rates than the global rate of 19.5 per cent, a positive indicator that companies in these countries are leading the way in driving IM.

    In Southeast Asia, the report showed 64 percent of respondents saw IM as a priority, compared to 62 per cent in Asia-Pacific.

    About 74 percent in Southeast Asia say they are shifting towards more flexible work arrangements, allowing for both remote work and office.

    Those surveyed cited the top challenge as building and retaining a strong workplace culture with 42 percent in Southeast Asia saying so.

    The report also noted remote work has become a permanent trend such that hiring will also change as well.

    For the respondents in Southeast Asia, many felt the most important skills for recruiters to have now, and in future are adaptability (61 percent), oral communication (61 percent) and time management (61 percent).