PH garments to gain global status

    Niche products. The Philippines is urged to move away from fast fashion.
    aNiche products. The Philippines is urged to move away from fast fashion.

    The Philippine garments and textile industry is seen to grow at a clip of 45 percent annually, taking the country to the top 10 global players in the sector.

    The Textile-Garments Industry Roadmap 2020-2029 unveiled by industry and government stakeholders at a forum in Pasay City yesterday seeks to promote the use of natural fibers for niche products and urges the eradication of the so-called “ukay-ukay.”

    The plan is broken down in three milestones: the short-term (2020-2022) targets the Philippines among the top 20 garment exporters with annual growth of 12.3 percent in exports for garments and 3 to 5 percent for textile.

    In this milestone, the roadmap initially wants to increase the use of  natural and synthetic textile fiber by 5-10 percent.

    One of the immediate goals is to curb smuggling and the proliferation of “ukay-ukay” by strictly implementing Republic Act 4653 which bans the importation of used clothing.

    Stakeholders also seek the grant of incentives for the innovative product processing that promotes sustainability and green environment. Reduction of the 12 percent value added tax was also pushed.

    For the short term milestone, the roadmap forecasts the Philippines to improve its world ranking in garment exports into the top 15 largest globally. It is expected to increase its garments by 21.7 percent annually and 10 percent increase in natural and synthetic textile fiber.