PAFMI buys more local corn


    Feedmillers are buying more corn from Isabela with this season’s harvest turning out to be better than anticipated.

    In a statement, the Philippine Association of Feed Millers Inc. (PAFMI) said the group reported this last week to Agriculture Secretary William Dar who linked its members to Isabela Governor Rodolfo Albano in July on corn sourcing.

    Nicole Sarmiento-Garcia, PAFMI president, said feed millers have high quality of Isabela’s corn, due to its low moisture (14 percent and lower), low kernel damage (less than 5 percent ) and low aflatoxin level (less than 20 part per billion). Aflatoxin is a naturally-occuring toxin caused by fungus which in turn is brought about by the stress due to exposure to extreme heat or insect damage.

    Vitarich Corp. issued a purchase order for 1,500 metric tons (mt) of corn delivered to its plant in Bulacan at P14 per kilogram (kg.) on a 30-day term through Isabela’s corn clustering program where organized corn farmers put their harvest together for leverage and efficient logistics contracting.

    Other PAFMI members such as Sunjin Feed Mills and CJ Feeds are also buying Isabela corn through the private corn traders.

    Prices vary according to location of delivery points. The price delivered to Batangas is P14.80 per kg. due to higher trucking cost.

    The Philippines produces around 5.6 million mmt (mmt) of yellow corn annually, short of the annual feed milling sector requirement of nearly 10 mmt. The shortage is filled with feed wheat and yellow corn from Asean.