P191M collected from post audit, BOC says


    The intensified post-clearance audit verification and investigation of importers suspected to have violated provisions of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act has resulted in the collection of P191.38 million additional duties and taxes for January 2021, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) said in a statement yesterday.

    The BOC said this involved three demand letters collected and 21 filed applications for Prior Disclosure Program (PDP).

    “Out of the 21 PDPs filed in January 2021, 17 were from mechanically deboned meat (MDM) importers under audit tallying a total amount of P36.59 million,” the BOC said.

    In 2020, the BOC’s Post Clearance Audit Group (PCAG) generated an estimated additional revenue of P1.2 billion as part of its post clearance efforts consisting of 168 issued audit notification letters, of which 60 were issued against importers of MDM on October 2020.

    The BOC said the PCAG is optimistic that additional revenues may still be collected from post clearance for the remaining months of 2021.

    Presently, there are still 24 demand letters being collected with an estimated amount of P12 billion, 18 which are undergoing motion for reinvestigation/reconsideration amounting to P5 billion, while the rest remain unpaid and will be referred to BOC Legal Service for filing of collection suit amounting to P6.9 billion.

    “The BOC is steadfast in its mission and mandate of collecting lawful revenues through ascertaining the payment of appropriate duties and taxes as the nation gears towards economic recovery amidst the current health crisis,” the agency said.