Outstanding securities at P5.3T as of October


    The national government’s outstanding short- and long-term domestic securities issued as of end-October stood at more than P5.3 trillion, data from the Bureau of the Treasury showed.

    As of October 31, 2019, the government has issued treasury bonds amounting to P4.77 trillion, while it has borrowed P530.38 billion in the form of treasury bills, or IOUs which will mature in a year or below.

    Bulk of the government’s outstanding long-term debt as of end-October was in the form of retail treasury bonds (RTBs), which require a minimum investment of P5,000 and in multiples of P5,000 thereafter, attracting individual investors.

    The outstanding RTBs as of end-October totaled to P1.57 trillion.

    The second biggest chunk was in the form of benchmark bonds, or those that can be traded in the secondary market, amounting to P909.3 billion.

    The third biggest type of debt issued by the national government is the seven-year bonds, with an outstanding amount of P630.71 billion as of end-October.

    The Bureau of the Treasury has also issued 10-year IOUs amounting to P487.29 billion; 20-year bonds worth P408.06 billion; five-year securities with outstanding amount of P291.51 billion; 25-year paper worth P235.98 billion; and three-year debt paper worth P154.89 billion.

    The government’s other outstanding long-term IOUs include the P50 billion Central Bank-Board of Liquidators bonds; P25.38 billion onshore dollar bonds; P8.77 billion Agrarian Reform bonds; and the P97 million Philippine Par bonds.

    Meanwhile, bulk of the treasury bills issued as of October were the 364-day IOUs, amounting to P299.38 billion.

    The Bureau of the Treasury also issued P142 billion worth of six-month securities and P89 billion worth of 91-day bills.