NOW taps Nokia for 5G


    NOW Group has tapped Finnish technology leader Nokia for the rollout of its fifth generation (5G) network as part of its broadband expansion in the country.

    NOW Group said the collaboration with Nokia signifies the pivotal point in its strategy to penetrate the growing demand for broadband connectivity and multimedia services in the enterprise, government and residential market segments.

    Under the memorandum of understanding, collaboration between the companies will focus on the expansion of NOW’s current broadband telecom network by rolling out a 5G standalone (SA) network in the Philippines.

    “This NOW-Nokia agreement on 5G collaboration shall bring about the multi-gigabit broadband Internet era in the Philippine Telecom, Media and Technology markets. NOW’s strategy is clear: to expand its current guaranteed service to high-end markets via 5G Fixed Wireless Access and extend this compelling customer experience to consumers via 5G mobile cellular broadband service,” said Mel Velarde, NOW Group of companies founder and chairman.

    “Having no legacy networks, NOW’s Standalone 5G Network shall rise above competition.

    With Nokia as our technology partner, we are confident NOW and its customers would succeed,” Velarde added.

    As November 2020, Nokia has 133 commercial 5G contracts worldwide, positioning it as a global leader in the delivery of 5G solutions.

    Most of the countries that are deploying 5G are non-standalone whereby 5G radio networks are being overlaid on existing 4G networks. 5G SA delivers enhanced mobile broadband and ultra-low latency.

    5G SA supports multimedia services and applications, such as Industry 4.0 for manufacturing, 8K video quality streaming, mobile AR and VR applications and other use cases for enterprise, government and residential market segments.

    “We’re delighted to support NOW in realizing the full vision of 5G. 5G SA, with its high speed, low latency performance and edge computing will enhance business processes, bring new applications and benefits to consumers, and the wider industry. We’re confident that our market-leading technology will play a crucial role in setting the right conditions for 5G to become a success in the Philippines,” said Andrew Cope, country manager for Nokia Philippines.

    It can be recalled that NOW Telecom’s provisional authority to install, operate and maintain a nationwide mobile telecommunications system was renewed last September.