New steel mill to cut reliance on imports


    The country’s first steel beams manufacturing plant will start operations in 2023 in Lemery, Batangas following the resumption of the construction of its two production lines.

    SteelAsia Manufacturing Corp. said construction of the  steelmaking and steel section rolling lines was suspended due to the lockdown last year.

    Also called Lemery Works, the plant  broke ground in 2019.

    SteelAsia president Benjamin Yao said Lemery Works   will reduce the Philippines’ reliance on imports for important steel products.

    The plant will recycle steel scrap which is currently exported.

    “When you export and process our resources abroad, it is creating jobs in another country.

    With this new plant, we will recycle our steel scrap here and generate local jobs,” said Yao.

    The facility will create at least 1,500 direct jobs and thousands more from ancillary industries and businesses,

    With a  capacity of 1.1 million tons per year, the plant will manufacture products used in infrastructure and heavy construction including H/I beams, sheet piles, heavy angles and channels that are all currently being imported.

    Yao said these products will support  the government’s  infra structure program.

    SteelAsia said SMS of Germany, the world’s leading manufacturer of sections equipment and Fives, (formerly Stein Huertey of France),   one of the pioneers in reheating furnaces, provided the design and supplied the equipment for the manufacturing plant.

    SteelAsia said the facility will  put Batangas on the map as one of the country’s top steel hubs, consistent with its objective of  creating regional industrial hubs to make steel products easily accessible and  more affordable to all parts of the country.

    The company has plants in Davao, Cebu, Misamis Oriental, Batangas, and Bulacan and is also putting up plants in Compostela Cebu, Tarlac and Quezon Province. – Irma Isip