NCA utilization hits 93% as of October


    The government’s notice of cash allocation (NCA) utilization rate improved as of end-October at 93 percent, data released by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) showed.

    The DBM said in a statement yesterday the latest NCA utilization rate is a marked improvement over the 81 percent rate registered as of end-October last year.

    NCA refers to the disbursement authority issued by the DBM to cover the cash requirements of the operations, programs and projects of government agencies.

    A higher NCA utilization rate demonstrates the capacity of line agencies to quickly disburse their allocated funds and implement their programs and projects.

    The NCA utilization rate in the first 10 months of the year corresponds to P2.448 trillion out of P2.638 trillion in NCAs released for the period.

    From January to October 2018, the DBM released P2.877 trillion in NCAs to national government agencies, of which only P2.338 trillion was utilized.

    Line departments utilized P1.772 trillion of the P1.956 trillion in NCAs released to them from January to October this year, equivalent to a 91 percent year-to-date NCA utilization rate.

    As for NCA released for budgetary support to government-owned and -controlled corporations, 97 percent was utilized.

    NCA released for allotment to local government units was fully utilized.