MWC halts bottled water biz


    Manila Water Co. Inc. subsidiary Manila Water Total Solutions Corp. (MWTS) is shutting down its bottled water division citing recurring losses and inability to sustain financial sustainability.

    In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, Manila Water said Healthy Family brand which was first launched in 2015 will permanently close by October 31 this year.

    “While the Healthy Family business division has in recent years made strong efforts to improve operations and profitability, the ever-increasing competition in the bottled water industry and the recent economic challenges have proved too difficult to cope and keep the business afloat,” Manila Water said, adding MWTS, as an entity, will continue to exist and operate based on its primary purpose to engage in water and wastewater and environmental services.

    MWTS is also engaged in consultancy and related services for the implementation of water and used water network-related projects intended to deliver solutions to difficult and hard-to-notice water issues of customers and communities.

    As of 2017, Healthy Family had five plants in Metro Manila worth half a billion pesos with an aggregate capacity to produce 70,000 bottles of 5 gallon variants daily.