Monterey rationalizes inventory, facilities of hog operations


    San Miguel Corp. food unit. San Miguel Foods is mulling the transfer of its nationwide hog inventory and facilities to local raisers under Monterey.

    In a statement, the company said the move will allow local growers to supply the requirements of their respective regions while strengthening biosecurity practices among smallholder farmers.

    “We want to provide our local piggery businesses a chance to thrive in these trying times, and encourage more smallholder farmers to grow this industry locally and responsibly,” said Ramon Ang, SMC president and chief operating officer, in a statement.

    The company said since bans on the transportation of pork and pork products remain in place across the country due to the African swine fever, Monterey which operates on a national level “has found the situation challenging, which made it decide to shift gears and transfer inventories to local raisers.”

    “This is one way to stabilize the supply of affordable pork in the country. More importantly, it will help boost the local hog raising industry. They can run this business at a lower cost, making it more sustainable. This also opens the doors for more Filipinos to become agri-entrepreneurs,” Ang said.

    San Miguel Foods’ website said Monterey has more than 300 farms all over the country that are both owned and contracted, more than 30 of which are hog breeding farms, 11 off-site nursery stations and more than 250 growing facilities.

    Details on the plan were not available at press time.

    Monterey is involved in both outsourcing and franchising. It currently has the country’s largest hog and cattle operation that is capable of feed milling, breeding, livestock raising, slaughtering, meat retailing and meat processing.