Maxus launches G10 Assist


    Maxus is making available to the market an option of its G10 multipurpose van (MPV) that is equipped with a seat for persons with walking disability.

    Reginald See,  Maxus Philippines general manager, said the company becomes the first to offer such feature on a commercial scale.

    “We target a market that is undeserved.  What we found out in the market is that no one is really offering that, at least extensively, not even hospitals. It is not  commercially or readily available. There are some in the after-market. We are the first to offer it commercially,”  See told reporters at the launch of the G10 Assist package in Taguig yesterday.

    The G10 MPV is designed and equipped with a captain seat for persons with disability, elderly, and those who have a hard time walking such as those with injuries.

    The device  adds a customized technological innovation that would make transporting the handicapped passengers easier and convenient.

    The seat costs  P399,800 and is manufactured exclusively for Maxus by a company in China . Local Maxus dealers are all capable to equip the G10 with the device.