PH named best in aftersales by Hyundai Commercial Vehicles

    For the third straight year, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI) Commercial Vehicles (CV) was recognized by Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) as the Best in Aftersales Operations 2020, besting over 50 distributors of Hyundai trucks and buses worldwide.

    The recognition was based on several criteria, covering service operations, warranty, quality information rating, network coverage, quality of technicians and parts.

    Setting the global standard in customer service, HARI CV also took home the Hyundai Customer Index Top Score 2020 with a net promoter score (NPS) of 91 out of 100 or 44 percent higher than the worldwide network average. NPS measures customer experience and future business growth.

    HARI was granted the sole distributorship of Hyundai Trucks and Buses in 2016. In 2017 and 2018, HARI bagged the Regional Distributor of the Year awards. Other citations include the 2017 Regional Excellence Award for Asia & Pacific for “rapid growth and unparalleled brand loyalty.” HARI CV service technicians also brought home the gold in the 1st Hyundai Truck and Bus World Skill Olympics held late 2018 in South Korea.

    BPI-Philam offers insurance with health coverage, investment

    BPI-Philam has launched MedLife Protect Plus, an investment-linked life and health insurance that gives considerable protection and better access to medical care with minimal out-of-pocket expenses.

    “MedLife Protect Plus provides policyholders with protection from financial setbacks due to health matters, all while allowing them to build and expand their wealth,” said  Surendra Menon, BPI-Philam president and chief executive officer.

    Created in partnership with leading healthcare administration firm AVEGA, MedLife Protect Plus is an insurance plan packaged with medical benefit riders, offering the combined protection of life insurance, health insurance, and investment. In case of hospitalization, MedLife Protect Plus policyholders will get access to quality healthcare and receive medical benefit coverage with a maximum limit of P4 million per year that covers basic in-patient hospitalization, critical care, surgical benefit, and medical emergencies leading to confinement.

    Policyholders are also entitled to a daily hospitalization income benefit of up to P3,000 for each day of confinement.

    Additional benefits may also be reaped from the plan’s integration with the Philam Vitality Program. As an investment-linked insurance, MedLife Protect Plus provides built-in cash value that enables policyholders to enjoy passive income yields through professionally managed investments.

    InLife chatbot Ella now live on Facebook Messenger

    Ella,  the millennial, friendly, funky-chic chatbot of Insular Life (InLife), is now ready to provide quick answers to your frequently asked questions 24/7.

    Ella is the most recent addition to the  lineup of new digital services launched by the company.

    “We feel that this is the right time to launch our chatbot because it acts as a self-help mentor to clients who are now beginning to be more confident and comfortable in using technology,” said InLife chief marketing officer Gae Martinez.

    Ella gives answers right away to customers who want to know how to use the Customer Portal, InLife’s internet-based customer service facility. She can also guide customers through transactions in their customer portal like fund withdrawals and policy loan applications on their own.

    For business or inquiries in person, Ella is able to instruct customers on the most convenient branch to go to and which documents or requirements are needed for that visit.

    Infinit Care provides solutions on psychosocial support for employees

    Corporate mental health partner Infinit Care provides companies with end-to-end services in line with the government’s mandate for employers to provide their team with necessary mental health assistance amidst the pandemic.

    The Infinit Care solution offers a complete and comprehensive set of services for its partners ranging from helping them understand their organization’s overall mental state through data and insights, educating members on how to manage stress and anxiety through webinars, virtual counseling and access to support helplines via chat, and upskilling leadership through training for a healthier work environment.

    “As a corporate mental health partner, we at Infinit Care are committed to equip organizations and its people with holistic solutions, as we all try to weather through uncertain times. We seek to promote workplace wellness as we recognize the needs of Filipinos, and put mental health at the forefront by providing  with end-to-end support,” said Anne Ordoña, general manager of Infinit Care.

    Since launching, Infinit Care has worked with corporations across industries from manufacturing, FMCG, law, BPO, tech and healthcare.

    Aboitiz Foundation aids Taguig communities affected by lockdown

    Aboitiz Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the Aboitiz Group, partnered with local groups Community Organizers Multiversity (COM) and Urban Poor Associates (UPA) last August 14 to provide food packs for communities greatly affected by the previous lockdown in Taguig City.

    The food packs, which complement the aid from Taguig’s local government unit, were given to 650 families from five community organizations namely Taguigueño Akong Dakila Habang Ako Nabubuhay Neighborhood Association, Samahan ng mga Taong may Kapansanan sa Sta. Ana (PWD Sta. Ana), Samahan ng Magkakapitbahay sa Faculty, Samahan ng mga Kababaihan ng Purok 5 Napindan, and Samahan ng Maralitang Pulong Kendi Neighborhood Association.

    “In these challenging times, we can truly see the bayanihan spirit of Filipinos. We are one with Taguig City LGU, COM, UPA, and Taguig community organizations in helping the most affected,” said Aboitiz Foundation president and chief operating officer Maribeth Marasigan.

    To date, the Aboitiz Group has contributed over P2.2 billion for its COVID-19 response efforts nationwide. This excludes various payments waived, reduced, extended, or restructured to help its customers cope with the impact of COVID-19.

    Q2 HR Solutions bags award

     Q2 HR Solutions bagged the  2020 Investors in People (IiP) Platinum Award from Investors in People Philippines.

    This is the second time  Q2 received a Platinum citation, and the first time a Filipino company has earned a back-to-back highest accreditation for two consecutive times.

    An award is valid for four years.

    In 2016, Q2  became the first Filipino company given the said accreditation by Investors in People (IiP), outside of the UK. The  company marks its 20th anniversary this month.

    Q2 founder and chairwoman Trixie Whyte said the award is an affirmation that the company is here for the long haul and “added value to our relevance in the industry.”

    Investors in People (IiP) was organized 29 years ago in the United Kingdom.  A non-profit organization formerly part of the UK government and independent since 2017, it gives accreditation to deserving companies that develop and nurture the culture of well-being among their employees.

    Kohler improves benefits of using a bidet 

    Bidets have become necessary in homes and residences as a useful toilet essential providing worthy benefits for everyday use.

    The most common bidet is the handheld type or what some call bidet sprayer, widely used commercially and, in many homes, and offices. Installed next to the toilet seat for easy access, the handheld bidet sprayer makes cleaning simple yet effective. Using a spray type also requires only minimal effort as it can be used with just one hand.

    The Luxe Hygiene Spray from Kohler Co. is designed with an intuitive flow control for better pressure control regardless of the home’s water pressure. The handle is positioned further from the spray face and air induction ensures full area coverage while keeping the hands dry. The sleek product comes in an antibacterial metal body with an ergonomic design featuring a longer body for greater reach and flexibility. As this spray gives more control to the user, the powerful tool cleans with only half the effort.

    Bidets installed on seats provide extra ease and comfort as they do not require use of the hands.

    Kohler Co.’s C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat features a dual-wand system that eliminates the need to twist and reach out to wash intimate areas, making front and rear personal cleansing much easier. A simple switch customizes water pressure to prevent spills, splatters and discomfort.

    Bidets may be seen as a luxury, but the long-term savings outweigh the initial costs of purchase and installation. In addition to the long-term savings, using bidets helps reduce wastes.  

    Talking shoes with Bata’s chatshop

    Global brand Bata Shoes brings an easier and safer way to shop for quality footwear with its new Bata ChatShop! With this service, you can get in touch with Bata’s friendly sales representatives, who are ready to assist you with your purchase via chat through Viber.

    The first step to effortless shoe shopping is to visit Bata ChatShop link at  Select the Bata store nearest to you, then chat with its friendly sales representative, who will be happy to help you with your order. which will be delivered to your home.

    You can also view Bata shoes’ catalogue of its quality shoes at the best prices on Instagram. Enjoy the same shopping experience in the comfort of your home.

    Shop for Bata shoes now! Visit ChatShop link now

    The Bata Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers of quality footwear. A global concern with more than 30,000 employees, 24 production facilities, over 5,000 stores in more than 70 countries across the globe, Bata has been providing the best shoes at the best prices, backed by unparalleled service, for 120 years. In the Philippines, Bata is in partnership with SM Retail.