BDO, subsidiaries earn top FinanceAsia Awards

    FinanceAsia presented BDO Unibank Inc. and two of its subsidiaries with top honors during its annual Country Awards, which recognizes the best banks, brokers, and law firms across Asia.

    BDO was named Best Bank in the Philippines for the 13th straight year. BDO Private Bank, on the other hand, was recognized as the Best Private Bank in the Philippines—a prestigious title it has held since 2008. Meanwhile, BDO Capital & Investment Corp. was awarded the Best Equity Capital Market (ECM) House in the Philippines, which it also got in 2017.

    “The competition is always fierce, but this year it also took place against an unprecedented global backdrop thanks to COVID-19. What stood out was the banks’ resilience and their ability to adapt to fast-changing conditions, not least in enabling most of their employees to successfully work from home,” said FinanceAsia about this year’s winners.

    FinanceAsia attributed BDO’s over-a-decade hold of the Best Bank in the Philippines Award to its continued efforts to uphold financial inclusion and enhance consumer and mid-market lending.

    The bank reported a 35-percent increase in its year-end income amounting to P44.2 billion for 2019. Most recently, it logged P4.3 billion representing half-year earnings for 2020.

    Amid the pandemic, BDO has kept its products and services within reach through its expansive nationwide network of branches. The financial institution however, encourages its clients to use online banking instead to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

    BDO Private Bank had an impressive 2019, more than doubling its net profits to P878 million at the end of 2019 from P301 million in 2018.

    FinanceAsia identified the local government’s move to reduce death duties on estates from 20 percent to 6 percent as an income driver for the bank’s inheritance and tax planning business. Another driver, according to the publication, was the changing mix of foreign and domestic investments, which expanded the bank’s offerings and shifted its clients’ ratio of peso and foreign currency holdings.

    While physical events are on hold, BDO Private Bank has turned to digital by frequently hosting webinars to engage with its clientele.

    FinanceAsia called BDO Capital a “runaway winner” for the Best ECM House in the Philippines award. “It was a year when equity capital markets were quiet, but BDO was the only bank that was active across all the main categories,” it said.

    In 2019, BDO Capital mounted three landmark projects. One was the initial public offering of fruit and beverage kiosk operator Fruitas, which resulted in P896.55 million. Another was the delisting of Travellers International Hotel Group worth P6 billion.

    Most prominent of the three was its work for Cemex Holdings worth P12.8 billion, which was not only BDO Capital’s biggest equity deal but also the market’s largest for the year.

    Experiencing the Lexus virtually

    Lexus is offering a unique way of showcasing its products through the Lexus Remote Guest Experience, where customers who want to get to know the Lexus lineup of vehicles intimately can do so from the comfort and security of their own homes.

    Lexus Remote Guest Experience is  a series of guided 360-degree walkthrough videos which will make users feel the same experience as they would when in the Lexus Manila showroom, inside of the vehicle, and with a sales consultant by their side.

    Lexus sales consultants will guide customers through the unique features of every car, just like they would at the Lexus Manila Showroom. When the customer is  ready to buy the Lexus model he desires, Lexus also offers a hassle-free contactless purchase journey called Lexus Remote.

    Avon lady now online

    The Avon lady,  one of the most recognizable icons of beauty and business, is now online.

    Through social media, Avon customers can now scroll through Avon representatives’ posts.

    Nanette Roxas, Sales & Commercial Excellence director for Avon Philippines, said selling online is much easier for Avon  representatives each of whom receives continuous training to keep up with trends in beauty, fashion, as well as skills in sales and marketing.

    Roxas said this year the brand is investing in skills through the Digital Divas program, which goes into the principles behind online clout and explores how it can be translated to sales online.

    Avon also supplements the learning of its representatives with online tools they can master to successfully run their business online, according to Kevin Dayleg, head of E-Commerce and Digital for Avon Philippines. “We have the Avon On app which acts as a one stop shop where representatives can access the digital IM brochure, place orders, and get notified with the latest trends, news, and newest products. The app also allows them to reach a wider audience with beauty posts on social media. We also launched the Avon Grow App where sales leaders can grow their team remotely and automate their business performance monitoring.”

    Brunei’s DST taps MultiSys

    Datastream Digital Sdn Bhd (DST), the largest telecommunication company in Brunei has partnered with leading Filipino software solutions provider Multisys Technologies Corp.  as both expand market reach to the Asean region.

    Leveraging on each party’s strengths in telecommunications technology and software engineering solutions, both DST and MultiSys recognize the need to collaborate together to deliver better access and smoother user experience across any environment—bringing opportunities to develop and tap overseas markets with innovative solutions.

    On top of its regional expansion, MultiSys will strengthen the Brunei telco firm’s systems and internal business operations in order to boost its efficiency and productivity.

    Through the partnership with MultiSys, DST will be able to expand its capabilities and offer added services to its subscribers.

    100% online IT courses at AMA

    In line with AMA’s technological expertise and innovation in delivery of education, schools under the AMA Education System (AMAES) network are currently offering educational continuity through 100 percent online classes.

    Incoming college students can continue their education amid the pandemic and enroll in innovative information technology-based programs.

    These include the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program specializing in Cybersecurity, where students can learn more about data security and digital forensics and how to protect systems from cyber threats. While the general Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program trains students in the nuances of IT systems, infrastructure and the ever-changing trends in software.

    AMAES schools also follow a trimestral school year–giving students a chance to graduate faster to join the workforce or ply their trade as entrepreneurs. Currently, the school network is offering a P10,000 tuition fee per trimester.

    Students who are interested to take IT-based courses through this 100 percent online learning offering, they need to pre-register through the AMA Education System website.

    Newest OPPO available for pre-order

    Smart device brand  OPPO has officially launched the latest OPPO Reno4 in the Philippines  via Facebook livestream last August 14.

    The latest handset retails at P18,990 and is now up for pre-order until August 21.

    During this period, the new OPPO Reno4 comes with a free Rock Space EB100 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds worth P2,899.

    Pre-orders are accepted at OPPO Concept and online stores, official dealer partners, and via e-commerce partner Shopee.