Manufacturers gear up for fourth IR


    Philippine manufacturers are set to undergo major changes as supply chains and production lines gear up for what has been dubbed as the fourth industrial revolution.

    Chris Buono, country manager of UPS Philippines, said automation is expected to dominate the future of manufacturing and manufacturers that fail to embrace automation in the coming years stand to lose their competitive edge.

    To help businesses adapt, UPS has led the development and adoption of automation technology that analyzes and optimizes routes of its couriers.

    Called ORION (On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation), this technology is especially useful in the dense urban centers of Southeast Asia like Metro Manila, where a driver may spend up to 16 days a year stuck in traffic.

    UPS is also patenting blockchain and distributed ledger technology that routes packages throughout an international supply chain covering multiple carriers. This ledger technology facilitates customs compliance by making documentation more easily and accurately fulfilled and stored.

    The ledger is envisioned to store data points such as package destination, movement, and transportation method, simplifying the task of distribution of manufacturers, most of whom to this day typically use multiple shipping modes and carriers, increasing efficiency and managing costs.

    UPS customs brokerage services can guide manufacturers on the documentation and customs clearance processes and other regulations.

    UPS’ customs brokerage services include compliance and clearance, consulting services, managed services, and import/export technologies. It also has an international network of warehouse facilities that customers can utilize as they scale up their operations.

    In the Philippines, UPS facilities are strategically located to complement business needs with centers and offices that are accessible and conveniently placed near international airports and sea ports.

    UPS Philippines also has its own Customs Composite Unit in Clark, which manufacturers can use to shorten cargo clearance time.