Makati bridge operational by 2nd qtr


    The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) yesterday said the P1.46-billion Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge project will be operational by second quarter this year.

    The widened and modernized Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge that links Estrella Street in Makati City and Barangka Drive in Mandaluyong City is now more than 72 percent complete and is 8 percent ahead of schedule.

    Emil Sadain, DPWH undersecretary, said once fully completed, the motoring public can expect traffic relief by providing an additional fixed link and alternative route crossing the Pasig River using a new two-way four-lane bridge with a total length of 506.46 meters and width of 21.65 meters, with 3-meter sidewalks on both sides.

    Designed to decongest Guadalupe Bridge along EDSA, the main bridge of Estrella Pantaleon is a 146-meter pre-stressed concrete girder bridge with V-shaped piers, while the approach bridge/viaduct is a 66-meter prestressed continuous girder bridge. The approach roads at both sides have a length of 294.46 meters.

    DPWH said it is now working on the remaining civil works covering formworks and rebar installation in two segments of the prestressed concrete girder in the Mandaluyong side and two more segments in the Makati side, as well as for the second lift of box girder for the approach bridge in the Makati side in order to complete the bridge.

    Funded by a grant from China, the project is part of the EDSA decongestion program.