Locked down, gamers boost gadget sale


    With Filipinos locked down for almost six months, sales of video games are seen to rise 23 percent this year.

    Growth is expected to continue over the next four years.

    The Export Marketing Bureau (EMB) in a report said the popularity of e-sports in the Philippines was noted in consoles.

    “As most sports have been halted, e-sports is in a unique position to fill the gap and boost interest in both playing and watching,” the report said, adding e-sports has served as marketing campaigns for some developers.

    “Today, over 30 million Filipinos are gamers, while around 17 million watch e-sports tournaments online,” it added.

    The report said people who were encouraged to purchase a new console during the lockdown are now likely to keep buying new games for these devices.

    But those who turned to mobile games for the first time due to spending more time at home are likely to be hooked, and interested in trying different games in the forecast period.

    “However, video games were already on a strong rising trend before COVID-19 (new coronavirus disease 2019), and growth is mainly expected to be due to the long-standing digitalization of play and education,” it added.

    “Therefore, mobile games are expected to remain the biggest and one of the fastest growing categories within video games in the forecast period.”

    The report said more developers are expected to recognize this trend and continue to introduce mobile versions of existing games, as well as remaining innovative and launching completely new products to maintain the interest of new gamers.

    “The industry remains optimistic that the strengthening of mobile games can also benefit other platforms, as more and more Filipinos will become aware of gaming through the mobile platform and may eventually transition to computer and console gaming,” it said.