JG retail unit taps data-driven solution


    JG Summit Holdings Inc. has tapped data analytics firm NielsenIQ for customer insights to help improve its services, particularly for its Robinsons Rewards loyalty members.

    The company said this is a “first in the Philippines,” where the collaboration introduces “an advanced analytics platform that will uncover insights about market demands and transactions to help improve shopping experience.”

    “Through data-driven decisions, the platform will lead to identifying the right price, promotional campaigns, and product assortment to provide better value for Robinsons loyalty members,” it said.

    “To widen our understanding of the swiftly changing Filipino consumer behavior, we have to go deeper into shopper insights. Through loyalty data, we are able to understand the spending habits of our shoppers and connect the dots to identify new programs to enrich our customer’s lives. These insights can immediately be acted upon through personalized campaigns tailored for specific individuals,” said Jojo Malolos, chief executive officer at Data Analytics Ventures Inc. (DAVI), a JG Summit unit.

    “Through data analytics, Robinsons is able to go beyond giving rewards points; it will be able to provide customized and relevant offers to its shoppers,” he added.

    JG Summit said the partnership will allow unit Robinsons Supermarket to work with manufacturers and brands in growing fast moving consumer goods categories in its stores.