ICTSI’s Poland terminal builds intermodal rail facility


    Baltic Container Terminal (BCT) in Gdynia, Poland has joined the EU-backed COMODALCE project, designed to take intermodal rail operations to a new, higher level.

    The title “COMODALCE” is an abbreviation of the project’s principal objective defined as: “Enhancing COordination in multiMODAL freight transport in Central Europe.”

    Participation in the COMODALCE initiative is the latest in a series of measures implemented by BCT that have combined to lift intermodal rail traffic to account for 30 per cent of BCT’s annual container throughput.

    BCT currently processes 250 intermodal trains operated by 13 intermodal operators on a monthly basis.

    “For BCT and other system users COMODALCE, represents a major area of opportunity to drive cost and qualitative efficiencies across the board,“ underlines Wojciech Szymulewicz, BCT Chief Executive Officer.

    “It presents a new dimension through which we can further streamline intermodal train reception and despatch. Its introduction alongside continuing innovation in the areas of infrastructure and equipment promises to deliver big dividends with significant benefits passing on to importers and exporters.”

    BCT’s intermodal rail facilities have benefitted from a major investment program, implemented jointly by the Port of Gdynia Authority and International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI), BCT’s parent company.