Hiring is back but pay is down


    Portal JobStreet said hiring has resumed but positions are far from pre-pandemic levels.

    JobStreet also noted that while salaries are going back from their 20-percent cuts  at the height of the pandemic, compensation in high-tier jobs are down.

    In a press conference announcing its Virtual Career Fair 2021, JobStreet country manager Philip Gioca advised those who have been retrenched and looking at postings to “just get the jobs first” as long as they have the qualifications in the face of  7 million jobless Filipinos in the country.

    Gioca expects job postings on its platform will continue to grow until the middle of the year and will go pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year. Job postings have surged 20 percent the last three months, Gioca added.

    He added its customers have been giving  priority in hiring to those retrenched who he advised  to be more flexible as they will not get their old jobs back.

    “They have to get the job first and then build a career,” Gioca said.

    At one time, JobStreet had up to 100,000 jobs posted but this has gone down to as low as 30,000.

    This is back up at 55,000 at the fair to be held  on February 17 to 21.

    Some of the job roles available are IT software specialist, digital marketer, sales executive, system analyst, customer service representative, financial consultant, English as a second language teacher, accountant, engineer, IT developer, HR staff and HR manager.

    Candidates can also apply for office administrator, dispatcher, merchandiser, warehouse staff, quality assurance staff, and more.

    Fresh graduates and those with little experience are being accommodated while work-from-home arrangements remain available.

    Among the hiring companies include BDO, Mercedez Benz Group, LBC Express, YamahaPhilippines, Universal Robina Corp., Aboitiz Construction, Converge, 51 Talk, Accenture, TaskUs, Nestle, and many more.