Green airport to rise in Antique

    Artist’s rendering of the Antique Airport terminal.
    Artist’s rendering of the Antique Airport terminal.

    The construction of the P283-million Antique airport development project, groomed to be a green airport, is targeted to be finished by the third quarter of 2020, according to its project contractor Verzontal Infrastructure Corp. (VIC).

    Dennis Macandog  VIC chairman,   said the company is bullish to complete the construction by August 2020 based on a recent discussion with DOTr and Antique Rep. Loren Legarda who had earlier requested to fast track the completion of the project.

    Legarda also proposed to include green features to the airport such as the installation of solar panels, a vertical garden, a rain-catching system, and non-corrosive materials for the new terminal.

    The Antique airport development project was awarded to VIC in December 2018.

    VIC said the project will include green technology similar to Mactan-Cebu International Airport. The technology showcases louver type window panels, a green roof for better heat, rain absorption and air quality.

    The green building will also have natural plants such as water lily stalks and banana bark as wall placements for ventilation support.

    “Antique airport will be one of the newest green airports present in the region, following Mactan Airport in Cebu, to bring further connectivity to the Filipino people,” said Bede Gomez, VIC vice chairman and chief executive officer.

    “We take pride in anchoring not only innovative infrastructures but sustainable and environmentally focused projects as well,” Gomez added.

    The Antique Airport project involves the rehabilitation of the passenger terminal building, landside and airside facilities, and strip grade correction with the improvement of the drainage system.

    Upon completion, the Antique Airport is seen to become one of the region’s main gateways to gaining more tourist and business opportunities connecting rural communities to urban centers. The province sees an increase in capacity of the airport passenger terminal, as it expands to accommodate 86 passenger seats and a consistent three times a week flight schedules.