Feedmillers fear turf issue to cause delay of imports


    The feed milling sector, veterinary medicine industry and the hog and poultry raisers groups fear they may incur unnecessary costs and experience delays in the release of imported veterinary drugs and feed ingredients if the turf issue between two government departments is not resolved.

    In a statement, Nicole Garcia,

    president of the Philippine Association of Feed Millers Inc (PAFMI) said the impasse on whether the Department of Health (DOH) and its attached agency the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) should take over the functions of registering and issuing permits as well as inspecting and testing of animal feeds and ingredients and veterinary drugs and medicine
    is of great concern to the feed milling industry.

    Garcia said additional costs and delays could be incurred by the industry as the Bureau of Customs would require release documents from whichever agency that has the authority to do so.

    She said the industry is left in in quandary not knowing which agency to approach for permits and other concerns.

    Garcia earlier said the standoff also puts at risk the animal industry’s response to the Asian swine flu and avian influenza (AI) that is threatening the country’s poultry and hog population.

    The group prefers BAI to have the jurisdiction and should perform these functions permanently.

    PAFMI also said BAI’s staff of veterinarians and animal nutritionists are well-trained, equipped and have had many years if not decades of experience in animal sciences and veterinary medicine while FDA has no experience, expertise, training nor equipment for testing of products for animal consumption.