Exporters urged to tap EFTA markets


    Filipino exporters of food and textile can tap the Swiss and European markets to maximize the benefits of the free trade agreement between the Philippines and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) of which Switzerland is a part of.

    A recent study into Swiss and European markets highlights opportunities for Filipino agricultural products and offer guidelines for exporters. Experts from the Swiss Import Promotion Program presented insights into EFTA markets’ trade regulations, market access requirements, and market demand in a webinar Export Opportunities to Europe during the National Export Congress last December 2.

    The studies show coconut sugar, dried fruits, and fruit purées for fruit based beverages or as ingredients for dairy, ice-cream or confectionery as well as natural ingredients, which are indispensable components in food, cosmetics, and health products, have high export potential to EFTA and European markets.

    Authors said exporters should also highlight sustainability, creativity, and eco-friendly production to meet European consumer preferences.