Exporters seek market access for fruits


    The government is urged to make a strong push for the entry of Philippine fruits to Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

    In a recent forum, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Benedicto Yujuico said the Department of Agriculture should strengthen its negotiation for the entry of mangoes and coconuts and leverage on Taiwan’s renewed interest in the Philippines.

    Yujuico said Philippine mangoes and coconuts need to have a health certificate that certify they pass Taiwan standards.

    “But Taiwan claims our fruits do not pass their health standards so nothing enters Taiwan,” he said.

    At the recent consultation on the Philippine Export Development Plan, top exporters of bananas which come from Davao region want to fasttrack the reduction of tariffs for bananas and other agricultural products to South Korea and Japan.

    The exporters pressed the need to expand the market for agricultural exports and to strengthen market access through an aggressive market intelligence network by the Foreign Trade Service Corps of the trade department and agricultural commercial attaches.