Dumping duties on Turkish flour extended


    The Tariff Commission has extended for another three years the imposition of anti-dumping duty on flour coming from Turkey to avert material injury on the local flour milling industry.

    The new dumping tariff rates are higher than those previously imposed, with the highest dumping rate of 29.57 percent against the previous highest penalty of 16.19 percent dumping duty.

    This dumping penalty is in addition to the present 7 percent import duty of flour.

    The previous imposition was made in 2015 and was to expire in January this year but was extended pending the completion of the investigation.

    The decision was made on the petition of the Philippine Association of Flour Millers (PAFMIL).

    The new duty rates will be effective upon issuance by the Bureau of Customs of a customs memorandum order.

    TC said in its decision that prevailing low prices of Turkish wheat flour in the domestic market have led to Turkey’s continued dominant position as foreign supplier of the product to the Philippines despite the imposition of anti-dumping duties.

    “There is likelihood that demand for Turkish flour will increase,” the TC said.

    The Philippines has 22 flour mills producing in excess of 80 million bags of flour annually.