DTI tells traders to explore Latin America


    Filipino exporters should explore opportunities to Latin America, a market of over 600 million consumers, for Philippine processed food, personal care products and other fast-moving consumer items.

    Senen Perlada, director of the Export Marketing Bureau (EMB), said they will reintroduce Latin America to Filipino businesses in a webinar for exporters interested in developing trade relations with Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia,and Chile.

    Perlada said the event is an opportunity to connect to stakeholders and gain important information on how to do business with and in Latin America.

    Foreign trade service officer Vichael Angelo Roaring said several centuries ago, the galleon trade was the first means of global commerce that enabled cross-continental trade from Asia to Mexico and the rest of New Spain.

    “Now, we are challenged to reinvigorate our trade links with this region as our country, because of the culture and history we share with this region, is a very ideal trade partner for Mexico and the rest of Latin America,” Roaring said.

    The webinar themed “Philippine Export Opportunities in Latin America” will be held on July 28, 2020, via Zoom and will cover the following topics: Business Opportunities in the

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