DTI sets standards on child car seats

    Mandatory standards. Only car seats with ICC or PS marks will be allowed to be sold in the market. (PTV4 photo).

    The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will enforce standards on car child  restraint systems or car seats at retail.

    DTI Undersecretary Ruth Castelo said Department Administrative Order 20-03 issued in July 2020 is implementable by August.

    The DAO prescribes that only car seats with Import Clearance Commity (ICC) or Philippine Standard mark can be sold in the market to ensure they meet the standards in quality and safety.

    Castelo said the DAO makes the product certification of child restraint systems mandatory in the country. At present, the government accepts international certification of these products.

    Castelo encouraged importers to start the process of application and not wait for August.  There are two companies that have so far applied with the Bureau of Product Standards.

    The DAO provides samples will have to undergo corrosion, overturning and dynamic tests. The order also mandates that car seats have markings that contain the following: manufacturer’s name, year of production, instructions on installation, country of origin, serial/batch number as well as PS license mark or ICC sticker.

    According to Castelo, the DTI will also study the possibility  of imposing suggested retail prices on these products.

    Castelo advised car owners to save up and invest in a car seat even if the LTO has suspended apprehension of those who violate the car seat law.

    “This is to protect the kids from car and road accidents. This is really essential ..with or without the law you really have to buy this,” she said.